​​Planned Community Activities and Events

Every Tuesday in the Clubhouse - 7PM to 9PM

Knitting (crochet, needlepoint, etc) meets in the Clubhouse.  We offer to teach those who want to learn how to knit or crochet.  (Call Ilona (908)359-5282 or Fran (908)428-6328).

Bridge meets in the Card Room.

First Thursday of the month at the clubhouse 7PM to 9PM 
Book Club Meets - The purpose to the club is to enlighten our members and get them out of their "comfort zone" with their "normal" type of book they read.  You'd be surprised how many other types of books you may like.  Join us for stimulating discussion about a new book every month.  The group, led by Joan Ebersbach, discusses the book we've read during the last month and chooses a new book for the following month.

Activities "Social" Committee meets 2nd Tuesday of the month at 10am

​ The Activities Committee is responsible for planning and implementing all of the major events here in the community.  They are always looking for more member for input and ideas!

Second Saturday of the month at the clubhouse 6PM to ?? 

Residents get together here in the clubhouse to socialize for fun.  It's also a way to celebrate anyone having a birthday that month.  Everyone is welcomed HOWEVER the only rule is that each individual must bring what they are to drink and each individual must bring what they are to snack on (dessert, snacks, appetizers, crock pot surprises, etc.).  As always it is always nice to bring extra to share .... Whatever is brought in must be brought out. Donating extra paper goods is always appreciated. 
​Any details, you may contact Thelma Emory directly at 908-359-6223

September 9th 10am - Activities "Social" Committee meets

Meeting will plan for new activities - come to the meeting and join as a member!

October 7 - Meeting Thursday Book Club - 7pm

Our October meeting will be held in the clubhouse on the 7th.  For the month of October The Hearthstone Book Club will be reading:

All the Flowers in Paris by Sarah Jio

                          Two women are connected across time by the city of Paris, a mysterious journal, and shocking

                      secrets, sweeping from World War II to the present--for readers of Sarah's Key.  When Caroline

                      wakes up in a Paris hospital with no memory of her past, she's confused to learn that she's lived a

                      sad, reclusive life for years in a sprawling apartment on the Seine. Slowly regaining vague

                      memories of a man and young child, she vows to piece her life back together--though she can't

help but feel she may be in danger. A budding friendship with the chef of a charming nearby restaurant takes her mind off of her foggy past, as does a startling mystery from decades prior...

     In Nazi-occupied Paris, young widow Celine lives a quiet life with her father, the local florist, and her daughter, Cosi. When a ruthless German officer discovers the family's Jewish ancestry, he blackmails Celine, forcing her to become his mistress in exchange for the others' safety. The trio plans an escape, but their mission goes horribly awry and Celine's beloved father and daughter are sent away to a cruel fate. Initially distraught, Celine fears the worst. Yet she soon discovers that Cosi has snuck away and followed her into captivity. More motivated than ever, Celine must now fight to hide and protect the person she loves most.
     Parallel timelines intersect when Caroline discovers Celine's diary tucked away in a closet, and it is revealed that the walls of her apartment harbor dark secrets. With the help of a local student from the Sorbonne, she realizes that she may have more in common with Celine than she could ever imagine. 

Hearthstone at Hillsborough Community Association