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           ​                                Occupants of your home and their ages - required for our community

                                              This is required by the town - Registration of Fire and/or Burglar Alarm $10

                                              Need a place to have a party?  Our Clubhouse may be available.

                                             If you want to lease your unit or home.  Also, fill this out with info if you're going

                                             away for an extended period

                                                         Want to have construction work done?  Please submit this for approval

If you intend to do any outside work you must submit an ARC form with all the permit information to the ARC committee through Nancy.  Patios, landscaping designs, decks etc. Failure to do so could cost you money to undo your work. The ARC committee will follow up to made sure the work completed was done per the ARC submission.  The Committee will provide swift review and get back to you in 30 days or less of request. Currently they are not meeting as a group due to Covid19, but will handle requests via phone and e-mail. Here are other ARC Forms:

                                                Your pet must be registered with the HOA.

Hearthstone at Hillsborough Community Association