New Pool Hours and Rule Update 2018

The pool will be opened beginning Saturday, May 26th and close on Monday, September 3rd.
The pool will be opened 7 days a week from 12:00 Noon until 7:00 PM.  There are no late hours on Fridays any longer.  Children from 3-18 may swim from 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM Only.  Children under 3 are not permitted in the pool.  No children or guests may enter the pool area without the sponsoring resident.  You may be asked to provide proper identification to show proof of age and residency if you are clearly under 55 years of age and not accompanied by the sponsoring resident.

Modification Request
If you have a deck or patio, sprinkler or change to your surroundings on your property, you MUST fill out a modification request and submit it through Nancy to the ARC committee.  Failure to do so may cost you money in undoing a project that was not done within the rules.  

Dryer Vent Cleaning

To all Town Homeowners - You are required to have Homeowners Insurance and have dryer vent cleaning done every 2 years and supply proof to our Association or be subject to a $25 per day fine.  Click here for more information.

Driving Safety
There are a couple of safety items that you need to be aware of while driving in the community.  The speed limit is 25 mph and when driving down the street, please stay on the proper side. Many tend to drive in the middle of the street.  This is dangerous.  It happens a great deal on Boyd. Please take a moment and make sure you are following all traffic laws within the community.

Holiday  Guest Parking For Parties
With the Holiday Season around the corner, the parties in the community will take place.  We ask that you make sure your guests do not park in places that are “NO PARKING ZONES”.  They will be towed.  Boyd Street is a particular area of concern. Please call Nancy and let her know that you will need to use the clubhouse parking for your guests.  She needs to make sure there is nothing going on at the clubhouse first.  It is imperative that you make sure your guests are parking only where allowed.  The Board appreciates the show of cooperation recently.  
Parking (Community Safety)
Parking at the dangerous bend of Boyd at the cross street of Weber has improved, but there are still a few residents and guests that continue to violate this parking area.  It is our hope that as we move forward, no one will park in that area or other areas where parking is not allowed. Towing will be the choice of discipline in the future.

Common Property Restrictions
Common property and easement areas are the property of the Association.  You are not allowed to plant or store anything in those areas.  Anything that is planted or set in that area is in jeopardy should heavy equipment or excavation of the area be needed.  The Association is not responsible for any plants or items left in those areas.  Please do not plant trees or shrubs in those areas.  Refer to your plot maps received at closing if you are not quite sure where your property ends.  Patio furniture is permitted on PATIOS & DECKS ONLY.  Furniture may NOT be used on lawn areas.

Condo Dumpsters and Club House Dumpsters not for Community use!
The condo dumpsters are for the condo residents only.  Please use your recycle and garbage cans to discard your garbage and recycle products.  Garbage pick-up is twice per week and recycle pick-up is every other week.  If you have excess or large items to discard, please call Raritan Valley for special pick- ups.  Do not use the condo dumpsters or the Club House dumpsters.  This especially applies to those that are moving in or moving out.  Thank you for your compliance.

Recycling Schedule and Other Information from Somerset County Recycling LINK

Townhouse Owners Insurance and Dryer Vent Cleaning Requirement LINK 

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