Hearthstone at Hillsborough Community Association

  • EV Vehicle Chargers

Thinking of purchasing an electric car? The Architectural Review Committee asks that all EV Chargers be installed on the inside of your garage, and you must follow ALL guidelines outlined in your installation manual and township codes. For example, a certified Electrician must install your charger. Installation inside of your garage DOES NOT require a Modification Request to be submitted.
However, if installing an EV charger on the outside of your garage, a Modification Request must be submitted and approved by the ARC before installation can begin.

Pet Care - Please Use the Pet Area
When walking your pet, please be considerate of the community and your neighbors.   USE THE PET AREAS. We have three of them.  Do the right thing and respect the community and your neighbor’s property. During routine reviews of the grounds, it has been noticed that several homeowners allow their pets to poop in the yardsand then leave it there.  THIS IS NOT ALLOWED.  Due to health laws and the protection of your neighbors, you must pick up after your pets, even if it is your own yard.  Home owners that continue to abuse this rule will receive warnings and possible fines.  This is a serious issue that must be addressed. The Board and the Community appreciate your cooperation.