Hearthstone at Hillsborough Community Association

Building and Grounds - (Don Andersen/Bob Rolando) 

Our new Pergola has been finished and it looks great.  Has a roof and well build.  We have added some lights and even a flood light for the Bocce Ball court.  Once the weather is a bit warmer Don and Bob will direct the paving contractor to start work on the cracks in the roads and parking lots.  There will be some direction given as they work on various sections of the community and parking restrictions will be needed.  Please work with us when the project starts.    As with landscaping, the B&G team will be reviewing the complex for items that need attention.  

Landscaping activity has begun after a somewhat mild winter in spite of the nasty virus.  Joyce is working closely with our new Landscaper to provide a beautiful look to our community as we ease out of winter. Mulch has been laid and area has been cleaned up and lawn treatments have begun and hedges have been trimmed.  Some residents have expressed concern with the landscapers working as well as other contractors on site.  They are practicing safety in their work.  No need for you to go out of your homes to have any contact with them.  You can feel safe in your own homes.  They will not enter your home.   

House Numbers

The ARC committee has arranged to have numbers put on the garage doors of the town homes and single family homes.  They are a certain size by code and placed in a location that can be seen from the road. Anyone who has placed numbers on their garage will be asked to remove them so there is a uniform location of the numbers and placed where fire, medical and police personnel can recognize them quickly.  Work will begin Mid-Late April 2020. Watch your email for additional information.   Cost will come out of the existing budget.

Clubhouse/Swimming Pool (Nancy/Jim) 
As you know the pool is closed until further notice. There is work being done on the pool which is needed.  No pool opening activities have been planned.  We will keep you notified as to when we expect to open and virus guidelines are lifted. 

Pet Care - Please Use the Pet Area
When walking your pet, please be considerate of the community and your neighbors.   USE THE PET AREAS. We have three of them.  Do the right thing and respect the community and your neighbor’s property. During routine reviews of the grounds, it has been noticed that several home owners allow their pets to poop in the yardsand then leave it there.  THIS IS NOT ALLOWED.  Due to health laws and the protection of your neighbors, you must pick up after your pets, even if it is your own yard.  Home owners that continue to abuse this rule will receive warnings and possible fines.  This is a serious issue that must be addressed. The Board and the Community appreciate your cooperation.


We have three of them.  Do the right thing and respect the community and your neighbor’s property.  Please keep Social distancing when there are more than one of you at the pet park. 

2019 Pool Rules (click here)