Should there be a power failure due to inclement weather please take the following precautions to ensure safety:
• If you see there is a threatening lightening/thunderstorm, please DO NOT use the elevators.
• Should you be stuck in an elevator, use the phone found inside the elevators to call for assistance.
• According to the Fire Marshall of Hillsborough Township, the emergency lights will remain on for only ONE (1) hour after a power outage. The purpose being to serve as a warning to either remain where you are or to allow for a safe evacuation of the building in the possibility of a fire. They do not remain for longer than that.
• Keep flashlights on hand. If using candles, always use precaution. NEVER leave lit candles unattended.
• Use the good neighbor policy. If you know of a neighbor that may need assistance, do not hesitate to check on them.

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