Hearthstone at Hillsborough Community Association


As previously mentioned in prior Board notices, all owners of townhome/duplex style homes are required to maintain a New Jersey HO-3 Homeowners Insurance policy AND must submit a copy of the policy to the Association annually.  (Please refer to ARTICLE X – 10.1a – attached).
Your unit’s policy copy must meet the following:
1.      HO-3 policy with the current building property tax assessment as minimum coverage (full replacement cost, without deduction for depreciation, of the dwelling and any other improvements located on the Unit).
2.      The policy declaration page(s) must show the insured value of the building and the coverage start and end dates.
3.      The policy must be received by the Association’s Property Manager EACH YEAR

Owner’s who fail to provide the copy as described above will be fined $25 per day.

Owners need to know that the Association’s master insurance policies provide no property damage coverage for your dwelling.  It does insure community property and liability for all common areas.

Every two (2) years the dryer exhaust vent of your unit must be inspected and, if necessary, cleaned and repaired by a qualified and registered contractor.  Some of you have already provided the necessary documentation for this procedure.  At this time, I will be requesting those who have not already done so to submit of copy of your paid receipt for dryer vent cleaning no later than May 30, 2016.  

What does dryer vent cleaning have in common with your Homeowners Insurance policy?  Your protection, of course.  Both the safety of you and your family and your financial safety.  Dryer vent fires are among the leading causes of home fires.  You read earlier in this notice that our Association Rules & Regulations require that owners have in force at all times insurance to cover the cost of repairing significant unit damage.

There are plenty of examples right here in Hillsborough of what can happen; townhouse struck by lightening, fire caused by grill too close to the townhouse’s siding, townhouse electrical fire, and even an airplane falling out of the sky into townhouses (true), as well as fire which has and can declare a unit uninhabitable.  This is why each owner needs insurance – to protect everyone.

There are several ways to provide the information:

  • Email to ncapella@memproperty.com
  • Fax to 908-359-1105
  • Return to the clubhouse office directly (slide under the door if I am not there)
  • Mail to:  Nancy Capella – Property Manager 

           Hearthstone Community Association
           1 Waterman Lane, Hillsborough, NJ 08844

NOTE:  If you have any updates/changes to add to your Homeowner Information Form or Pet Registry Form, please either request by email or pick up here at the Management Office.Type your paragraph here.